Roof Inspector Los Angeles

Roof Inspection Company in Los Angeles, California

Who we are

Roof Inspector Los Angeles provides genuine and transparent roof inspection services for both residential and commercial properties.

Areas we serve

We operate in Los Angeles County, serving areas such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, Burbank, San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles.

Why do I need a roof inspection service?

You may need to seek a roof inspection service for a number of reasons such as:

  1. You want to buy a property: A pre-purchase roof inspection report will allow you to make a more informed decision before bidding on a property.
  2. You want to sell a property: Getting your roof inspected before selling your property will inform you whether you need to take care of any repairs. It will also advise you on the valuation of your roof, and your house by extension.
  3. You want to undertake repairs on your roof: If it has been quite a while before you had your roof repaired, or if you just recently discovered some damage, a professional roof inspection report from us will allow to understand all the areas of your roof that need work, as well as what type of work needs to be done on these areas.
  4. You want to validate the repairs done to your roof: If you just had repairs done to your roof, a roof inspection Los Angeles report will inform you whether those repairs were well taken care of.
  5. You want to insure your roof/property: Your insurer may want a professional report before insuring your roof.
  6. You want to mortgage your property: An inspection report will enable the lender to understand the value and risks associated with your roof & house.
  7. You want to understand the condition of your roof: An inspection report can help any homeowner get a professional verdict on the condition of their roof.

Our Process

Working with us is simple and only takes these few steps:

Step one: You call or email us and request a roof inspection estimate. We’ll get back to you within 48hrs to let you know how much an inspection will cost you.

Step two: One of our certified roof inspector Los Angeles technicians will come to your premises on the pre-agreed date and time. They will inspect the roof in the exterior and the interior, taking notes, photos, and videos of their findings. They may ask you some questions as well.

Step three: The inspector will give you a brief of their findings after the inspection. A more comprehensive report will follow later.

Step four: 48hrs after the inspection you’ll get a full roof inspection report, complete with the photos and videos taken, plus professional advice on the state of your roof as well as what you should do.

What makes us different?

  • All our roof inspectors and licensed and certified to work in the area.
  • All our roof inspectors are employed by us and are not 3rd
  • We give estimates within 48hrs.
  • Our rates are reasonable priced.
  • We provide a brief before leaving your premises instead of leaving you guessing.
  • We provide a deep analysis report of your roof within 48hrs of inspecting your roof.
  • We give you professional advice on what to do to your roof.

Benefits of our roof inspection services

  • Get better value when selling or buying a property.
  • Make the right repairs to your roof.
  • Find out if your roof repairs were done right.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof is in order.
  • Get insurance approval.
  • Get mortgage approval.

Get your roof inspected today!

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